Exchanging links helps boost your site traffic - We exchange links with all catagories so as to give are visitors a variety of info, we reserve the right to choose who we link with and where we put your link on our site, we check links often if our link is not active on your site we will remove the respiratory link on our site. Knwoodworks prefers to link with family orientated sites, we do not link to adult sites or gambling sites or anything suspicious of fraud or misleading content or link directory sites.

Would you like to exchange links with this site, follow steps below.
  • 1. Copy and paste My text link to your site with title-description-url
  • 2. Email me with the url where my link is located on your site
  • 3. Send me your info including your name, email address, url, title and description to
  • 4. I will send you email whether I have accepted your site and if so where your link is located
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My text link info
  • Site url -
  • Title - KnWoodworks
  • Site description - Handmade items such as Bird houses and Feeders, Squirrel houses and Feeders, Bat houses, wood baskets and Planter boxes
  • Preferred Category - Home and Garden, birdhouses, WoodCrafts etc.

I am not picky about description so long as it gives the general idea, I am also not picky about site location so long as I can easily find my link
I require my site be listed first, all links are checked monthly, links are placed where there is space not according to pr, I return the link usauly in 7 to 14 days. Only straight links are accepted no three way links.No linking to link directory sites . Link must be able to be found from main page.


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