You can mount your house on a structure(preferred) a post a pole or on a tree, studies show mounting on a structure in the us works best and a tree is the least effective. If you choose to mount the house on a tree choose a tree with high limbs starting 20 feet or higher off the ground(do not mount the house near tree limbs or power lines or tall brush). When mounting on a structure like a building or a house choose a place that is accessible for maintenance but is not over a porch, balcony,driveway or walkway where bat dropping can be a nuisance. Bat houses work best when located within a 1/4 mile of a body of water like a stream, pond or lake. Try to mount the house facing the southwest for best results (southern states it does not matter to much)

Mount your house 15' to 25' for best results, the higher the better. Bat houses can be mounted lower but results are not as good.

There is very little maintenance on a bat house the bottom is open to allow bat dropping to leave the house, Although in some cases if the bat house has not been occupied yet bees like mud dobbers may occupy the house keeping it cleaned out will help your chances of occupying, Also it is a good idea to inspect the house about once a year for deterioration and leaks.

Bats predators include hawks,owls,snakes, house cats, etc., to help reduce predator problems location and placement of the bat house is important.

No substance has been proven by studies as of yet to attract bats to bat houses even though there are many on the market to claim to do such.

In general when mounting a bat house try to mount it high, in the direction that gets the most sun,near a body of water and away from tree lines and not over areas of use such as walk ways. There is no gaurentee bats will occupy a house it can take as little as a few days to a few years before occupancy and in some cases no occupancy may occur at all but once they occupy it can become a bat colony that will remain for many years.



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